3 Ways to keep things “Hello Fresh!”

Let me tell you about a recent experience that I had with a “Hello Fresh” representative (Let’s call her Abi shall we!).  It’s a topical one, because as you read this and like most people at this time of the year, you will probably be eating healthier than what you were around Christmas?  Some of you may even be considering using “Hello Fresh” or may have heard things about them on Facebook or via some other form of Social media channel.

Back on a rainy November afternoon, I was sat working in my office at home, I heard a knock at the door.  To my surprise, in front of me was a lady wearing a crisp white cook’s apron!  Instantly, I’m curious, I’m intrigued and I’m wondering what it is that she was going to say.  She introduced herself and gave me a brief overview of “Hello Fresh”. She talks about how great it is to eat healthy food, talks about how easy Hello Fresh make healthy cooking, she talks to me about how convenient their service is.  After recognising that I was marginally interested Abi invited me to answer some questions about my eating/cooking/supermarket habits. So you get a feel for how the conversation goes, Abi’s questions and the way that I answer them confirms that this was something for me.  After inviting her into the house to complete an order for a trial period of time she demonstrated interest in what I was doing and even wrote on my welcome brochure, “Good luck with the Training Design” which I spotted just as she left, I smiled, pleased with my decision and excited to receive my first “Hello Fresh” box.

So why am I sharing this with you?  Well, let’s break down the approach and pull out the key things that were done well by Abi.

Now after having my 2 trial boxes I have continued to use “Hello Fresh” because the quality and ease of using the service certainly lives up to what it was sold as and I would strongly recommend that you give them a try.

What can you apply from the “Hello Fresh” approach in your role? Do you provide a good positive first impression that builds curiosity? Do you consider your approach enough when it comes to influencing and gaining commitment? How do you provide a good lasting impression? It’s certainly food for thought!!

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